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Over the years, the purpose of this page has evolved. What once started as a space to share my take on the latest in technology and media has broadened to include my own personal experiences working as a professional in the field of broadcasting & communications in Canada.

Adulting can be hard. Adulting as a professional, visible minority woman comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities! (I’m the eternal optimist). If you choose to read on, I hope that you can learn something new or at the very least share in a chuckle.

Thank you, Ernie!

Honest. Approachable. Curious. Humble. Hard worker. Full of integrity. Amazing teacher and CBC’s first Black journalist. This is how I would describe my former mentor, Ernest Tucker. In December, he’ll be inducted into CBC News’ Hall of Fame and I couldn’t be more pleased.

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Lessons for the BIPOC #GirlBoss

Celebrate often. Learn how to be your own cheerleader. Once you master this, cheer on others and help lift others up. Whether they be other BIPOC members or not, when you see others being courageous and doing good don’t miss an opportunity to celebrate.

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Life Changing Convos

Answer this question – What are you passionate about? The impact that Egbert had.

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