Major sad face today. This morning I woke up to see Grant Lawrence’s post about Steve Pratt leaving the organization after a decade of leading the way at CBC Radio. His official title is/was: Director of Digital Music.

While I never reported to Steve and I don’t even work in the same province as him, I can honestly say that employees everywhere felt the impact that his leadership had on the company at large. He embraces all things digital and (at least from my perspective) welcomes change. Being the Social Media Advisor for Corporate, I really appreciated how much he understood the social world. When I first started working with CBC/Radio-Canada I have to admit that I a lot of my job involved me pitching/selling the idea of social media to folks throughout the organization…while many were able to appreciate the theoretical opportunities that social media offered, many were too scared or worried to get their feet wet. To those who were a little harder to coax, I always used Steve as an example and often found that this helped bridge the gap.

Here’s Steve’s feature from CBC/Radio-Canada Works that I did a couple of years ago… Here’s an excerpt…looks like he took his own advice! Best of luck with your Content Strategy Consulting Practice.


What advice/tips would you give a student who wanted to follow in your footsteps and have a similar career?

“My best advice is to start doing what you want right now.  Don’t wait for someone to make you an offer. With today’s tools and technology, anyone can start doing the work they love before they are offered a job to do it.  We have hired many of best people because they were already blogging, podcasting, or broadcasting about music and doing a great job.  Their passion turned into a hobby, which made it easy for us to see that they knew what they were doing and could do a great job at CBC. The other piece of advice I would give is that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, put all your efforts into being a pro-active problem solver.  The world has too many people who complain problems and too few people who solve them.  The people who jump in with a solutions-oriented mindset are worth their weight in gold.” – Steve Pratt